Monday, January 11, 2010

My course summary

Reflections on FOC09 learning journey:
The course started with understanding online community. I believe online community consists of groups of people sharing common interest coming together to communicate and share. Blogged on you tube video community and interpreted reading of This that and other of online community by Mark Pesce in my blog post
Second was determining roles of facilitator, moderator and teacher.

Next was finding a example of a online forum in a community. So, yes i identified a travel discussion forum and interviewed a member for her experience.

I found the travel blog network stronger and fascinating. It has scope for increasing and appears to be moderated well too. It was new to know about different blog communities, i initially thought it was on a topic that people like most, but then realised it was a big wide world there wanting to get together and form strong relationship and sense of responsibility too.

Assignment two challenged me and i must say was a bit unsure of what, how and when. I initiated a two week event on blogs as e-tool and learnt a lot from feedback. At the end i reflected on my event and blogged my own evaluation on the event.

After evaluating my asynchronous event, it was time to look at second life and Rashmi melody was born. I must say it took me time to install and understand how to move around but the end got the idea not totally but partially. My post gives a brief of how stimulation aspect in online facilitation could help communication in online communities. At times my computer froze on me, and had to reboot, well it was testing my patience i guess.

Next i reviewed facebook, Linkedin and Ning ,social networking platforms. I have been a member with all these but consider facebook to be a great tool for facilitation.

Wiki Collaborators, although i didnt write a seperate post on wikis, my thoughts are that besides having all the course information and schedule, it also proved effective in organising our mini conference information. Gosh it took me ages to understand how to edit the wiki myself, but once i got the hang of it, it seemed easy.Adding our event information and being able to see other participant’s event schedule and description was so useful.Overall got taste of experiencing collaboration by editing wiki in this course,and not just reading notes in wiki.

Sarah you made sure, students knew what was expected and had access to all resources and support from you. So thank you for guiding us all in the blog world.

It was great participating in everyone’s live events and reading their blogs. I am not sure if i always left comment to blogs, but have tried to voice myself where i thought i could contribute.Maybe i need to do more of this.

I intend of exploring about being a facilitator in wikieducator this year.

Overall it was a joyful roller coaster and have a better understanding of COMMUNITIES ONLINE.

All the best to everybody in their learning journey.

Looking forward to seeing you all.
Meena (SL Rashmi Melody)


  1. Hello Meena, thank you so much for all your contributions - you have been a valuable member of our learning community and I especially enjoyed being given the opportunity to be involved in an asynchrinsus event.

    Good luck with your endeavurs in wikieductaor. May I recommend you take part in one of the workshops that will help you build your wiki skills - the details can be found on the home page of Wikieducator.

    cheers Sarah

  2. Thanks Sarah,i wouldn't have attempted the event, without your encouragement and support.Wish you too the best this year and look forward to working with you again.