Thursday, January 7, 2010

Blogging Network

Hi Guys,
Blogosphere in short can be described as tons of interconnected,inter related blogs in the world wide web world.Each blog is centered around bloggers views and interest.Popularity of blogs have given rise to different communities including Afrosphere community of bloggers working towards rights of non-white individuals,Group Blogging (blogs combined by more than one author) , J-Blogosphere (jewish community) to name a few.
So in short it is collective community of blogs by people with common interest.
I facilitated a asynchrononous event on benefits of educational blogging couple in November and got heaps of feedback which helped summarise the purpose along with downsides of blogging as e-learning tool.Read my post on reflections to my blog event.It was a great experience tapping power of blogs to reflect and share.
Still having a travel hangover, so guess blogging communities related to travel are going to be hit again.Since i got response from my Travel Forum which is part of Travel Blog,i decided to continue on the same path and catch up with bloggers who regularly blog in the Travel Blog and have formed a large Travel community.Its free to signup and is fast becoming the worlds leading travel blog webiste by the look of it.It is moderated and facilitated by moderator, so if you publish a post it is subject to approval of the moderator.It gives you a opportunity to act like a travel correspondent sharing your travel experiences and providing advice to travellers in the Travel forum. It is even integrated with Facebook "the social networking site" which is a bonus for people to share their travel blog(unlimited space) to their many friends.I got in tocuh with Jon who has been with Travel Blog for more than a year, he is on a one year travelling journey and finds it easy to update family and friends with this travel-expedition.He seems to be very happy with its structure and its many benefits.

The world is made up of different types of people with different interest, and now those with similar passion can form their own community online, people have the opportunity to communicate ,to benefit by sharing and learning and exploiting the technology like "blogs".WOW!!!

Thats it in this blog now,coming up next Virtual worlds..Come on Rashmi Melody gear up to share your opinion on second life :-)
Meena (SL Rashmi Melody)


  1. Hi Meena, what differences do you see between a blog network and a discussion forum? How would you facilitate a community using blogs?

  2. Hey Sarah,
    They both provide a platform for dialogue with few differences I guess, discussions in a forum take place between several people while blog content is owned by someone, where people comment. Purpose of blog is to generate content, not start a discussion, from what I have gained from my event on blog tool.

    I will create the basic content and later through discussions create content.I believe moderation would also play a role in publishing post.
    Educational Blogging by Stephen Downes was a good read in this context.