Thursday, January 7, 2010

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Hi all,
Happy 2010 to all, i had a great vacation in Australia(hitting 33 deg in Canberra), wow.Happening Sydney,friendly howdy aussies,busy streets and last but not the least the impressive fireworks of Sydney , although my daughter was more impressed with the Koalas and Kanagroos in the zoo .
So back to finishing my blogs,i kind of missed blogging i must say :-)!!!
I heard of forums 8 years ago, but i guess forums used to be strictly business or technical focused those days. Today people are forming social group’s through participation. I wont say, i am a active memeber in any forum, although i have partcipated in forums related to Oracle application many years ago.With time,I have developed interest in travelling to new places although i realise travelling wouldn’t be easy like before with my little one. I have travelled to 7 countries so far with very little advice and knowledge, call it exploration and also ignorance of travellers community log.I decided to join the travel forum in the travel blog, where we have our own space like a diary to record our travel experiences and share photos, it is totally free and so far has unlimited storage for photos, videos and blogs. What interested me about this blog site is, it has a Travel forum,you receive free friendly travel advice from members.You can post replies or questions in this forum , which had so many topics to choose from.Its more than a gluide as it is so interactive.All forums are moderated, however it expects members co-operation in following guidelines.They have strict copyright,and privacy policies.Attempt is made by moderator to maintain a safe and healthy travel community and shares amazing travelling experiences.Interestingly there is also a missing persons post in this forum and the community is all getting together to get leads to the missing persons whereabouts, i mean isn't it amazing?people are no doubt building stronger relationshops online, it is getting bigger by the day as we imagine.
I contacted Mel in TravelForum and here's her response
""""Well, many of my friends and people I encounter cant relate to my passion for travel. Sites such as TravelBlog provide thousands of peers who understand what I am talking about when I mention travel and understand why I love travel. I suppose having peers, who understand the various aspects of our lives is important to some people. It is probably important to a lot of people, if I judge by how popular and busy TravelBlog is.Mel"""
If you visit the weblog forum, you too will realise how big a travel community it is becoming and benefting so many like minded people with interest in travelling .
I plan on a Annapurna range trekking trip to Nepal in few years,sort of a intrepid journey for me, compared to the pampered holidays i had so far.So yeah,will be creating a post as time comes near.CheersMeena


  1. Hi Meena, I was interested in your comment that the forum has strict policies do you think that strictness effects conversation? What do you think would happen if the forum was less moderated?

  2. Chances of your forum getting spams and inappropriate comment flow could take place if the forum was less moderated.The other thing is many users do not feel safe when just anyone leaves comments too(me talking about being registration here). Besides,if someone wishes to post genuinely,they should be put off from posting (thats my personal opinion)with policies.Overall policies could help block BAD STUFF and could stop making it the forum too personal.

  3. Sorry missed the nt with should in the previous post!
    I mean if someone wants to contribute to discussions, they shouldnt be put off from posting.....